Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Our crew!

A question that pops up reguarly is how many crew do we acutally have on board MV FRAM and where do they come from?

At the moment we are 74 crew on board. Lets start with the highest number- from the Philippines there are 54 crew members that brave the Arctic and Antarctic waters with us, work in the galley, on the tender pit, our excellent team of boat drivers, the waitresses/waiters... From India we have two crew members (our Navigation officer and an engineer), from Indonesia there are two ladies in the reception and two come from Chile (store keeper as well as assistant chef). Our medical team (the doctor and nurse) is from Panama and most officers (11 in total) -like Captain, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer, Hotel Manager, Chief Purser etc- are from Norway. And we have a lonely German (Expedition leader) as well. Contracts vary quite a bit- while some go home after 5-8 weeks, others stay here for 3, 6 or even 9 months.

In the past days alone you were already introduced to our Captain from Norway, some crew from the Philippines-and now it is time to go to CHILE:

Name: Cristian Silva Castillo
(on the picture to the right, left is his assistant Roger)
Position: Storekeeper

How long have you been working for Hurtigruten?
Since November 2003, the first season on board MS Nordnorge.
How many times have you crossed the equator with a Hurtigruten ship?
10 or more times, on board MS Nordnorge and MS Fram.
What do you like best about equator crossings?
The chance to enjoy some time in a fun way.
What are your jobs now during the crossing? Is it a big difference to the normal routine?Inventories, cleaning, arrange every store. It`s a more deep counting of stocks.
Is there something you always bring with you on board?Yes, my music collection and my photographic equipment.