Friday, 16 March 2012

No birds in sight

Do you know the feeling when you know that something is different to normal journeys with Fram, but it takes a moment that it kicks in what it is? We realized it today- no bird in the entire vicinity! Only blue sky, sunshine- and ocean, ocean, ocean all around us. The coast of Brasil is around 180nm away.
MV Frams current position is S26,15; W043,00. Temperature a nice 26C, wind 19m/s and the distance to Las Palmas is 3676nm.

Slowly one topic is becoming the topic of the day and you can hear the following question all over: "Have you been here for the baptism?" And the poor soul who has to deny it! Why- you will read about it in a few days when we are crossing the equator!

And our person of the day is:

Name: Renato Cruz
Position: Bosun
How long have you been working for Hurtigruten?
2006 until now.
How many times have you crossed the equator with a Hurtigruten ship?
6 times.
What do you like best about equator crossing?It is a time full of surprises and you really feel the spirit of the sailor.
What are your jobs now during the crossing? Is it a big differenc eto the normal routine?Do some maintanance. It is quite a difference to normal routines.
Is there something you always bring with you on board?Pictures of my family.