Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Autumn storms in Vesterålen

As soon as we hit the ocean again after leaving Tromsø the evening before the storm hit us and he had a bit of a rough trip down the coast, which is why we had to use the more sheltered harbour at Myre and take a bus to Nyksund. An old fishing town turned artist centre. We got literally blown away by the experience!

After that we still had more sailing on our program on our way to Lofoten. Through the Raudfjord and a visit to Trollfjord, one of the most scenic little fjords we could visit with the Fram. The super small passage is impressive by itself, but the highlight was when the Polarlys, the regular coastal Hurtigruten ship came in as well and we met at the end of the fjord! There have probably never before been 2 Hurtigrutenships at the same time in Trollfjorden before!