Monday, 1 November 2010

Beunos Aires

Buenos Aires here we come!
We have had a beautiful weather on the crossing all the way from Halifax to Buenos Aires, except the two last days. As we sailed closer to Buenos Aires, the more movements we had. But who care – we were so into the thought of arriving, that we didn’t even notice. Sunday morning October 31st, we should be long side at 08:00 in the morning. What happened? The harbor in Buenos Aires where closed due to lots and lots of wind, they called it storm.

We had to wait to sail into Buenos Aires, we were waiting for many hours, but finally 10 hours after planning, 22 days after leaving Halifax, we where there – long side in Buenos Aires.


The last week has been busy. We have been working hard, polishing, washing and get thing shining for you – our guest who will come on board and sail with us in Antarctica. We even made some new sign which will show the different desk belonging to Expedition and Reception.

Nice work Al!

 And of course we have continued the MV Fram Olympic Games, and elected a winning team. We even celebrated Halloween, 2 days ahead.



Doctor doing puzzel


Thank to our passengers joining us on this crossing and doing their hobbies.
Thank you to the crew for being on board!

Please enjoy the pictures;


Paper dance - Edward and Justina

Sack race - Engine Team beated them all

Water drinking contest
What are you looking for? Try to use a straw and push a coin on the floor!

DECK Team = MV Fram Olympic Winner

Best Halloween costume

Super Tormod