Wednesday 29 May 2013

A beautiful day on the „Sheep Islands”.

At 10 o’clock MV Fram moored in the harbour of the capitol [1] of the “Sheep Islands” [2].
Also today we had excellent weather and immediately after MV Fram was cleared everybody went ashore. Judging be patches of snow which are still present on the highest hills, spring arrived here a bit later than usually. Small, fresh green leaves on the trees were another indication of the late spring arrival.
After pleasant stroll over the town and quick lunch on board we were ready for further exploration. We had a choice of the historical, architectural and biological tours.
At 16:40, enriched with acquired knowledge, we were back on board and at 17:00 MV Fram left the pier.
Sailing between the islands the ship set the course for Iceland. Tomorrow we have sea day but “today” is not over yet. At 22:00 “The Crew Show” will take place in Observation Lounge and we are eager to see it.

[1] – Torshavn
[2] – Faroe Islands