Saturday 11 May 2013

Only water around us

Today was a day at sea, but there was no reason to be afraid of it being boring, we really had a full schedule. In the morning we started with the bridge-tours and Captain Rune Andreassen explained the equipment to us, the different screens, the propellers and the radar system.

After the bridge visits the lectures started about the Vikings, the voyages of the original FRAM and the artwork on the young FRAM.
So we really enjoyed the break for lunch. Most of us will leave early tomorrow morning at 8 am and there we have to pack. Sometimes you will be surprised how much suitcases can shrink, or did we buy too many gifts especially Whisky bottles from the Highland Park?

In the afternoon started the next session of lecturing and we got information about Hamburg and the disembarkation. Later was the Captain’s cocktail with the lovely MS FRAM choir.

Yes indeed it was a “very good voyage” – and maybe in some of those days we meet again on FRAM.