Sunday 5 May 2013

Dublin, the most vivid spot in Ireland

Do I have to mention the weather? Of course not, it is the same as last days. We arrived in the morning and the opening of the bridge looked a friendly welcome greeting. Our place was close to the beautiful Samuel Beckett Bridge designed by Santiago Calatrava. The other great point was we stayed until 10 pm.

Dublin the capital of the Republic of Ireland is an old city originally founded by the Vikings in 841. Most of the buildings are from the 18th century and they are constructed in the Georgian style.
On our excursions we saw several important buildings such as the Trinity College. It is the oldest university in Ireland and was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592, but the oldest surviving buildings are from 18th century. In the Old Library of the university is kept a treasure, the Book of Kells. It is a manuscript of the four gospels, written in Latin and illustrated with colourful illuminations. The Long Room of the Library houses around 200.000 very old books. On the tour through Dublin we saw Dublin Castle, Leinster House the seat of the Irish Parliament and we stopped at the beautiful park at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
There are several nice parks in Dublin most of them are public. Phoenix Park is a huge area, where you find the Zoo of Dublin, several sport grounds and a nice garden close to the Visitors center. We also passed the Guinness Brewery which one of the most important companies in town. After the morning excursions most of us strolled around in Dublin in the afternoon by ourselves and used the evening for having a pint – or two – of Guinness.

There is one Lady in town you we never forget especially her beautiful neckline, her name is Molly Malone, and she features in one of Ireland’s favourite songs.
The afternoon excursion went back in history as we visited the old Malahide Castle from the 12th century, which housed Kings for dinner and for marching off to war. After that we enjoyed a special Irish coffee in a pub at the seaside.

Again we spent another beautiful day at a wonderful place!