Sunday 3 November 2013

Significant moments (II)

Who has not turned a globe in his hands, thinking about continents to see, places to visit, distances to travel?
One of the striking features of a globe are the oceans, separating the places we live in.
We crossed it now, went to the other end of the world, not in an aircraft, but all the way at a speed you could easily do with a bicycle as well. By fair means, as they say.
That is a difference, a huge one. Lets never forget that.
So, now we are berthed in Buenos Aires, sunshine all over the place, Land!
The last days went in a hurry, believe it or not, there was things to organize, to pack, to attend (like the Crew Show), until - after a ride over a mercury-like sea - we pulled into Buenos Aires, where there are trees, buildings, people, machines. A totally different world, in one word.
And now: the tables are empty, the dance floor's deserted. The crossing is over.
Thanks to everybody who made it worthwhile! Have a safe trip home and keep the memories as long as you can. The pictures may help...