Sunday 10 November 2013

Stanley the Capital!

After two marvellous days out on “the camp” (the Falkland Islanders’ name for the countryside) we arrived at the capital of this amazing place- Stanley- early this morning. After clearing Her Majesty’s Customs we were allowed to leave the ship and start our various activities for the day. But before we get to that, just a personal word from your humble blogger. I have been coming to the Falklands on the Fram for the past 8 years and it is for me a big highlight to the trip. The people, the history, wildlife, landscapes, and architecture are all unique. If you have ever read about or just thought about this place, I would urge you to consider visiting. The Falklands is at a crossroads with tourism on the increase and the real potential in the future for for an oil industry. This is the time to see this vibrant place as it reaches its full potential. Remember, the Fram makes several visits here every year!

So, what did we do today? Some stayed in Stanley and just enjoyed the place. Although it was Sunday, many shops and the pubs (!) were open. Others went on one of several interesting and enjoyable excursions offered, either in Stanley (history), or outside to see the local wildlife and scenery. The weather was blustery and cold in the morning but the sun came out in the afternoon and the wind went uncharacteristically quiet. It being the day before Remembrance Day, we were lucky to witness an important ceremony to remember all the soldiers who have died since WWI, including of course those who lost their lives in the Falkland Islands conflict in the early 1980s. The brass band that lead the procession down the main street flew in from the UK for the occasion, which was all broadcast live on the local radio.

Here are a few images of the Capital of the Falklands to give you a small feel for the place.

As we left Stanley, we looked back at the islands we have come to love over the past three days. And we also look forward to our next destination- South Georgia! We will be at sea for the next two days, which will give us ample time for anticipation and dreaming of what is to come!