Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A goodbye to Norway

On the bright Tuesday morning of this week, MS Fram arrived at the last stop of the trip: Skudeneshavn.
At 10:00 AM our ship docked in the small harbour of this idyllic village that lies on the southernmost tip of the island of Karm√ły.
Passengers were free to explore the area or join the guided walk through the old city centre. This part of the village consists of 225 wooden houses and is regarded to as one of the best preserved in Europe. In 2004, it was voted Norway's "Summer Town" by listeners to NRK´s Radio Reiseradioen programme. We had three groups with each three local guides who showed and told us everything there is to know.
The beautiful white painted houses with red roof tiles along with the great weather and a light ocean breeze made for an inspiring and peaceful walk. Many of our guests took the time to do some extra souvenir hunting in the main shopping street and send some last post cards home. 

Fram left Skudeneshavn for open sea at 18:00 PM. As in the morning, we had to fit between a very narrow passage that leads to and from the harbour and we only had a few meters to spare. As always, everything went well and locals were standing on shore to wave us goodbye!

The evening consisted of a Filipino Buffet in the IMAQ Restaurant and live music from our pianist Ralf in the Observation Lounge. We finished the night with the famous Fram Crew Show, where our crew that normally works “behind the scenes” showed their talents and impressed us with acts like traditional dances, singing and flaring with bar accessories. It was a very nice way to spend one of the last evenings together and say goodbye to Norway.