Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Reminiscence at sea

After six days of discovering the beauty of Norway it is finally time now to turn the ship towards the south and cross the North Sea back to where we came from.
This is a time of packing, sorting pictures, exchanging eMail addresses, getting the last souvenirs and heave a sigh when standing on the outer decks and letting the gaze wander toward the horizon, still digesting the memories that have accumulated during this voyage.
But of course, this is not the only thing to do today; there is still a variety of lectures to be heard, be it about Vikings, navigation, sea level rise, herrings and the historical FRAM voyages. Fortunately the sea is calm, nobody is bothered by motion sickness, and so the lecture halls are full, full, full.
Just before lunch everybody gathers on the forward deck for a group shot, taken by our photographer, who later on shows his works in a slideshow about the whole trip.
Interesting - and nice! - to hear from many on board that this was rather supposed to be a teaser journey, and that soon the decision will be taken which itinerary is going to be next. Those who are still in doubt can take a sneak peak in Tessa’s presentation about a year’s cycle on FRAM. The modern one, this time…
Under the sinking sun we plough our way onward, taking a fine last dinner after having a Captain’s Farewell cocktail.
Bedtime comes too early, but then again tomorrow we will be arriving just after sunrise.
So, Fare Thee Well, Fram!
And certainly this is the right moment to say goodbye to our most unusual passenger - Fred. Fred is a globetrotter of the finest kind, he has been sent around the world by his team six years ago and has seen much of the world since, from the Pacific ocean to Russia, from Singapore, Arabia to Australia. Now he has joined us on FRAM to go to Norway. He is a restless fellow, so much to our dismay he couldn't stay and left us in the morning to go to another adventure. Good luck, Fred!