Wednesday, 22 April 2015

On our way to Norway!

Dear readers,

Fram left Bremerhaven on Monday evening and we are now in Norway! We spent our first day at sea, which is the ideal occasion for the passengers to discover the ship. Except for a few high waves, the conditions were good. Nice sunny weather with clear views.

Our program started early on Tuesday morning as everybody was welcomed on deck 2 to pick up our signature Expedition jackets. The Expedition Team already prepared them the evening before, after the captain’s welcome speech! They were put into large wooden boxes indicating their size so our staff was able to assist the passengers more efficiently while they tried them on. It took less then two hours to give the 208 passengers their new blue jackets.

During the rest of the morning, everyone was invited to attend lectures about Norway, Church architecture, the original Fram Expedition and the history of our planet. Lunch was served at 12 in our IMAQ Restaurant on deck 4 and while enjoying the food, passengers could spot several guillemots (sea birds) flying with us around the ship!

The tuesday afternoon also consisted of a few lectures about (amongst others) Lysefjorden and Stavanger. During the day and mostly the evening after dinner, our pianist Ralf entertained the guests in our observation lounge. Here, people can enjoy a nice beverage while listening to live music and watching out of the panorama windows.