Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fresh from the dock - we're back!

Well, isn’t she shiny…?? The last three weeks FRAM has spent in dry dock, giving it the usual overhaul. Sounds small, but it certainly isn't. It means, no speck of rust is left, everything is cleaned, every valve of the engines is checked, systems upgraded, new showers installed, windows exchanged and polished, and many, many other things, visible ones and - the bulk of it - things you will never get to see like the Ballast Water Treatment System (yes, even our ballast water is clean!). as long as everything is working smoothly. Like a big organism, and actually - isn’t it exactly what a vessel is?
So the 208 guests that arrive in the afternoon are the first ones to benefit from all the works that went into our good ship. 
Bremerhaven has a huge cruise terminal, so we get a sophisticated gangway, elevators and even colorful cruise terminal entertainment.
The tides do not allow the side door to be opened, so the luggage has to be hauled in by crane, which naturally takes a little longer. But eventually all is in; and as the safety drill  is done in a pretty chilly wind, we think a generous dinner is in order, during which the lines are cast - we are on our way. A splendid evening light shines over our departure, a fine start. 
After the warm welcome by Captain Hårvik and the staff it is a wonderful thing to sit in the panorama lounge and watch the other ships ploughing through the night, brightly lit like christmas trees. But now the eyes are getting heavy, long day.
Sea day ahead.