Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Eqip Sermia

Sometimes travelling to and from a destination is just as interesting, just as much fun, as the destination itself. Such is the case when travelling by ship. Today our destination was the Glaciar Eqip Sermia. It took most of the day to reach the glaciar but our day was filled with fun, interesting lectures and really outstanding scenery. We cruised by a seemingly endless parade of icebergs.
In the middle of the afternoon we were visited by King Neptune himself. It was his royal obligation to baptise (with ice cold Arctic water) all of those that had crossed the Arctic Circle for the first time. A lot of that c-c-cold water went right down the necks of the poor victims, er,... baptismal candidates?
On shore everyone spread out to different scenic views of the glaciar. 23 of the hardiest people climbed the mountain to get a peek of the icecap from an elevation of 400 metres. The climb and the battle with the mosquitoes on the way up was worth it. It was a truly stunning view.
By 21:00 we were all back on the ship enjoying a delicious barbeque. But that was not the end of the day. At 22:00 three of our crew from the galley showed us their impressive skills at ice carving and food sculpting.
Now it's midnight and as we look out the window the sun is just above the horizon. It is a clear sky with no wind. Simply beautiful.