Friday, 17 July 2009


Stepping off the plane in Kangerlussuaq the temperature was so warm, it seemed down right tropical. It was as if the plane had gone south. We soon learned that Kangerlussuaq has the warmest weather in Greenland, the most stable weather patterns and the most cloud free days. In fact it has about three hundred days a year with cloudless skies. It sounds more like Phoenix Arizona. What do a lot of clear dark nights mean? It means that later in the year, Kangerlussuaq is one of the best places in the world for watching the Aurora Borealis.
Despite the warm temperatures no one was complaining about the heat!
Once on the ship we were shown to our cabins, issued photo I.D.s, our luggage was distributed, we had an amazing buffet dinner, a mandatory saftey drill, a welcome speech by the Captain and introduction to the other officers and the Expedition Team and then... time to kick back, relax and watch the longest Fjord in Greenland slip by our window.
A long day? Yes. But now our incredible adventure is about to begin!