Friday, 10 July 2009


Warm sunny days in cold water regions sometimes contrive to produce sea fog. Those were the conditions we met first thing this morning. As we approached Sisimiut the sun burned through the fog. We ended up having the warmest day so far this summer with temperatures reaching a scorching 18˚C. People were walking about town in short sleeves!

Heat, energy and power seemed to be the theme for the day. On our hike to Tele Island we walked past huge oil storage tanks. The main heating source for the homes and various buildings in Sismiut is from oil delivered from the oil tanks by truck.
The sounds of a working helicopter provided a constant backdrop to our hike around the island.

A hydroelectric power station is being built just outside of town. You can see some of the new hydro towers high up the mountain. The helicopter was carrying parts and supplies to the workers at the top. This power station is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2009 and it will start producing environmentally sound energy for the town in 2010.