Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Equip Sermia

This was the view from deck seven on the stern of the MS Fram where we had a truly amazing barbeque tonight. No wind. No clouds. This photo only shows you a small part of the scene. You are missing the other 245 degrees of an absolutely killer view and you're also missing the steaks and the chicken and the yummy fish burgers and the sausages and the salads and the cakes and...
It was really good. You should have been here.
Our day started out very cool and very overcast. Despite a day spent at sea there was plenty to do.
Our morning was filled with lectures. In the afternoon there were more stimulating talks and a visit from the King of the sea - Neptune. Perhaps it was Neptune that arranged a perfect end to our day.
Looking out the window right now the sun is just sinking behind some low hills. There are icebergs all around. The sea is like glass. Still no clouds in the sky.
Oh heck! It's easier for me to show you than it is to try to describe it in words. It's 23:48. I just ran outside and took the last two photographs.
I hope you make it to one of our barbeques at Eqip Sermia. Perhaps you will have a perfect day just like we did.