Saturday, 4 July 2009


Walking around Qeqertarsuaq one of the first things you notice are the bright colours of the houses and various other buildings. The official government buildings are actually colour coded. Water and electricity buildings are always blue. Hospitals are yellow. Administrative buildings (including schools) are red. And the houses? The houses seem to be just about every colour in the rainbow!
Once again our morning started off cloudy but the skies turned to brilliant sunshine by noon. Weatherwise, today was a carbon copy of our visit here one week ago. A perfect day for a hike in the The Valley of the Winds.

By 16:00 everyone was back on the ship. We lifted anchor and headed into the sheltered waters of Qeqertarsuup Tunua (Disko Bay in English).

Many people headed to the lecture halls for informative talks by Axel, Jean Louis and Andy in German, French and English respectively. Later, in the early evening it was time to bask in the glorious sunshine and join the Expedition Team on the bow deck to look for wildlife and admire the hundreds of icebergs. At times it seemed there was a conveyor belt of ice going by the ship.