Thursday, 2 July 2009


We arrived at our last port of call in our amazing journey of West Greenland around 1pm. Once on shore we were invited into people's homes for kaffemik - a chance to have coffee and cakes and to socialze with the locals. This afforded us a great opportunity to talk to the people of Itilleq and gain insight as to what life in an isolated Greenlandic community is really like.

Many of us wandered by the cemetery and to a scenic lookout where we could see the entire village and the Fram anchored nearby.
The weekly soccer game of Itilleq versus Team Fram was an extra spirited match today. Not only did Team Fram lose once again but we suffered a couple of injuries with our players hobbling back to the ship!

We said goodbye to Itilleq at about 17:00 and set our course for Kangerlusuuaq. As we got under way a very heavy sea fog set in. During the Captain's dinner visibility was reduced to less than 100 metres. But the fog didn't last and we ended our day with a beautiful scenic cruise up Kangerlusuuaq Fjord