Thursday, 9 July 2009


Touch down! Greenland and Kangerlussuaq at last. It feels remote. The surrounding landscape is rocky, rugged and treeless. Walking across the tarmac of Kangerlussuaq airport one gets the feeling of being in a wilderness region.
The ship’s Expedition Team greeted us inside the airport and then escorted us to the waiting buses that would take us where the MS Fram lay at anchor. After a short 15 minute bus ride to the head of Kangerlussuaq Fjord and a quick introduction to life jackets and Polar Cirkle boat procedures we were finally whisked to the ship.
For most of us everything shipside is a new experience. Photos are taken and I.D. cards are issued. Credit cards are registered at reception. People are signing up for excursions. Our luggage is delivered to our cabins. Learning the layout of the ship is a fun challenge that we all enjoy. Where’s the dining room? The bar? Can we find our way back to our cabin again?
At 20:30 there is a compulsory abandon ship drill. It is plain to see that the entire ship’s compliment is well rehearsed in emergency procedures.
At 9pm we all meet in the Observation lounge on deck seven to meet the Captain and other ship’s officers and the Expedition Team.
Phew! What a long day. But now we can kick back and relax in our new home for the next week.

I’m sure our cabin was just down this corridor…