Saturday, 18 July 2009


Sisimiut is also known as "the Pearl of the Coast". It is not hard to see why. It is beautifully situated on the sea. It has lots to offer in terms of hiking, fishing, scenery, shops, acommodations, artisans and a museum.
It is also a centre for vocational training, it has a large scale fishery with the largest cold water shrimp plant in the world, a growing tourism industry and year round air and sea travel.

If the past few weeks are any indicator - it has pretty fine summer weather too!
Those of us that went on the boat excursion to Assaqutat had calm seas and sunny skies and an added bonus of two breaching humpback whales!
It was also a perfect day for hiking around Sisimiut and over to Tele Island. Our guide took us down to the water's edge and showed us ruins of old habitations spanning a time period of several hundred years. The hike was at a very relaxed pace. There was even time to identify and photograph the wild flowers.