Tuesday 16 February 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The alarm goes off at 5am.  Taxi to the airport - 6am.  Wait 10 minutes for self checkin machine.  Machine rejects my passport. Wait thirty minutes in line for assisted checkin.  Wait twenty minutes in another line to go through security.  Take my shoes off?  Frisked thoroughly by security guy.  Walk fifteen minutes to gate.  Starbucks infusion enroute.  Wait thirty minutes in lounge.  Board aircraft.  No food on the airplane.  Should have bought a sandwich in the airport. Fly for a long while. Damn. My personal television monitor isn't working. Land in a new airport.  Thoroughly lost in the airport.  Grab a snack.  Find gate.  Wait 4 hours for the next flight.  Try to sleep but the seats in the waiting room are designed to prevent sleep. Board another aircraft.  Great!  Got my aisle seat.  Crying baby keeps me awake most of the night.  Finally manage to fall asleep.  Beverage cart crashes into my leg jolting me awake.   Finally. The baby is asleep.  My bruised, throbbing leg keeps me awake.  Fly for 14 hours.  Land in Buenos Aires.  My bag is the very last one off the plane.  Thrilling taxi ride to hotel. Line up to check into hotel.  Sleep at last.  Wakeup call at 5am. Wide awake during thrilling ride to the airport.  Lineup to check in. Lineup for security. Pulled aside for security check.  Thiry minutes later, repack luggage. Board another airplane. Three hour flight to Rio Grande.  Rio ___?  Where am I? Deplane.  Another waiting room.  Replane.  Fly one hour to Ushuaia.  Finally at 5pm we board our ship.  The Fram.  She is impressive. A beautiful ship. At last. Our home for the next 8 days.  No more lugging overweight bags around.   No more taxis or buses or trains or airplanes. No more airports. No more moving or packing. Just kick back and relax.
YOU MADE IT!!!  Now we will do everything for you.