Thursday 4 November 2010

Foggy day out at sea

Today we were not as lucky as yesterday. We woke up to a foggy, rainy day. This, however, didn't stop our passengers from going out to the decks and follow an interesting workshop given by both the ornithologist and the photographer on board. The subject was: how to photograph birds on flight. A little clandestine feathered passenger was on the deck just as the workshop started, and he turned out to be a very good and cooperative model. This gem of a bird was identified as a Tropical Parula, and probably joined our cruise in Buenos Aires. We have plenty of insects on board right now and this bird is taking advantage of the food supply. It's very common for birds to hitch a lift on ships. If bird watchers spot one of these stowaways, they are described as "ship assisted".

Interesting lectures about Navigation, Photograph techniques and Dog sledging in polar regions were also given by our expedition staff. We have the great chance to have M. Donald Lamont, former governor of the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, as a guest lecturer, and today he started sharing some of his memories with us.

The expedition team started preparing and controlling all the material that is taken ashore every landing in case of an emergency. This includes tents, survival suits, food and water for up to 100 people. Everything is ready to go!!!