Thursday 16 February 2012

Fin del mundo? – Not yet for us!

Ushuaia claims to be the southernmost city in the world (Puerto Williams in Chile is considered a village) and it is only natural, that the city is swamped with all type of souvenirs saying “Fin del Mundo” – “End of Earth”.
But are we really at the end of the earth here? For many people, yes! Ushuaia is the southernmost point that probably most of its visitors ever reach in their entire lives, the farthest that they ever travel.
But not us! We are more ambitious, we are heading even further.

Antarctica is our very destination. The only continent without civilization, without any settlements, without traffic, without cinemas and far away from the next supermarket.
And of course, heading towards Antarctica involves lots of expectations. Sofia from Sweden for example is very enthusiastic about beautiful landscapes and wild nature. Like most of our passengers, Marlies and Ellen from Germany are dreaming of penguins and icebergs. Brazilians Federico and Fernanda choose Antarctica because of the cold temperatures that they don’t have in their tropical home, while Akki from the Netherlands is looking forward to experiencing the unique colours and the silence. What about you?

207 passengers, 207 different reasons for coming on this voyage. And now, as the ship slowly moves through the Beagle Channel, we sail towards a place that perhaps deserves indeed to be called the end of the earth.

 Photos Copyright Anke Timmerberg