Monday 27 February 2012

We are there, in Antarctica.....the land of dreams.

What a day: Now we are officially in Antarctica, and all this although we did not suffer very much. Hard to believe, but really, the crossing of the Drake Passage was smooth as fresh snow, we neither felt the bump of crossing the Antarctic Convergence and under extraordinary good conditions we made our first landing in the tiny, but beautiful Half Moon Island. This is our first day in Antarctica and we have experienced so many things, have seen so many different animals and our senses were filled with new smells, sounds, and views. It has been an unforgettable day and this is only the entrance to this vast continent. We have learned that the South Shetland Islands are something different than the Antarctic mainland. It is hard to believe that there can be something more spectacular that we have seen so far. But the more we know about Antarctica, the more amazed we are. It is a mesmerizing feeling to be here, it is like being in a dream and we know that there is so much more to discover.

We would like to share some of the images we have seen with you and here is a small sample of some of the days views: Please, tell us if you would also like to come with us next time. We promise you we will enjoy this place and leave it untouched and undisturbed, so next time, you come to visit Antarctica you can have the same pleasure as we have.

Some of our friends, the penguins are beginning to migrate to northerly latitudes in the ocean and we hope, they will find their way back to this rookeries next season. Until that time, we will preserve this memories in this short report and this few pictures which will be with us for the rest of the time.

Now we have to go to rest, because the excitement of tomorrows program looks also very promising and we will need all of our energy for the day ahead.