Thursday 2 February 2012

Neptune's gift

Oh yes! We got what we wanted! According to the Beaufort Scale, a value of 10 represents a Storm, winds of up to 28m/s were producing 10m high waves. The Fram proved that she can manage stormy weather pretty nicely. Although she is so good in rough waters, we still had to be very cautious when moving around the ship, we were advised to use the handrails as much as possible and some lectures had to be cancelled due to the impressive rocking of the Fram. Having lunch was also a fun challenge! A pile of plates ended up on the ground and we had to hold on to our glasses so we wouldn't lose them!

Once we approached the safety of the South American Continent things went back to normal. The Captain offered a farewell cocktail, a last opportunity to gather everyone in the panorama lounge and share our memories and have a toast to our very successful trip. Right after the cocktail we had the charity auction of the Master Chart and the Flag that flew at the stern of the Fram throughout our voyage. Not all of us could eat during the storm so when the four course dinner was served in the restaurant we were hungry. The chefs have treated us very well this trip, luckily we had the chance to burn some calories on all those landings and hikes. 12 days have we been out at sea, 13 landings, 7  hikes, spectacular animal life and today the storm. This trip has been a great success!!