Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sleeping? Eating? Who cares?!

Our day was once more fully packed with excitement! Here the chronology in order not to forget anything:

07.00: Famous Lemaire Channel

8.45-12.30: Ice cruising in polar cirkle boats at the southern end of the Lemaire Channel

13.00: Lemaire Channel again (return journey)

15.20: Paradise Harbour
16.00: Errera Channel

17.15-20.30: Landing at Danko Island

21.15-21.45: Whale watching in the Gerlache Strait

All this in incredibly calm and cloudless weather, with fantastic reflections at the water surface and amazing light.

Do you remember, 2 days ago we had snow and storm. But this is Antarctica – always good for surprises. Showing today her amazing majesty and beauty - from the sunny side!