Friday 4 January 2013

Antarctica as it can be

The first sea day in the Drake Passage was calm and nice. We started the Fram University with a set of eight lectures and a photography workshop as well. In the evening hours we crossed the Convergence and are from then on moving in Antarctic waters.

The start of the second sea day was still calm. But soon we were facing stronger wind and the waves increased in height. The IAATO briefing was still attended by all passengers. But in the later presentations and lectures there was quite a number of free chairs.

Our first planned landing in the afternoon was then cancelled due to swell and wind speed of around 20 m/sec. Two alternative places were similar inaccessible. Antarctica how it can be.

Flexible as we are, we continued with two lectures of two expedition team members about their winter stays in the Antarctic. Personal experience and impressions that attracted more passengers back into the lecture halls.
After staying for dinner in the calmer water between Half Moon and Livingston islands we are heading to cross the Bransfield Strait towards the Antarctic Sound.