Saturday 19 January 2013

Drake Passage- Part 2

Surrounded by fog, MV Fram continued its way to Cap Horn and then to Ushuaia. The educational program was on full speed and even a little choppy sea did not stop it.

From time to time the fog became less dense and we were able to spot a few birds, including Wander albatrosses, that glided majestically around the ship.

In the afternoon we were invited to join the Captains Farewell Cocktail, followed by an auction. In the auction, the MV Fram master navigation chart and Hurtigruten company flag were sold to raise money for four foundations that are involved in nature protection programs. Two of them are involved in bird conservation and two in preserving human heritage in Antarctica. This time the auction went really amazing. We collected 2320 US$ all together!

At 4 pm, greeted by Peale’s Dolphins, Fram arrived in the vicinity of Cape Horn. That’s final sign that our journey is coming in to an end. In few hours we’ll take Beagle Channel pilot on board and start the last leg to Ushuaia.