Friday 18 January 2013

Drake Passage

After a fantastic expedition exploring the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula we are now headed north on our route through the Drake Passage back to Ushuaia.  This morning we awoke to fog that you could cut with a knife.  A steady drizzle fell throughout the day.  On Fram it is warm. Cozy.  A light swell gently rocked Fram back and forth.  On a day like today you could get lost in memories of penguins, seals, whales, icebergs and adventure. On a day like today you could kick back and relax.  Wind down from the bustle and excitement from your exploits in Antarctica.

As usual on our sea days there was a full program of lectures and films which you could attend  or you could take advantage of the many amenities of the ship such as the sauna, or gym, or whirl pool, or perhaps a cocktail or capacino in the bar.

During the morning everyone had a chance to visit the bridge.  Captain HÃ¥rvik always delights in showing off his ship.  He is patient in answering all questions.  After a trip to the bridge it was comforting to know that in this “pea soup” fog that we had a state of the art navigation and radar system.

At 15:30 a delightful smell of waffles wafted throughout the ship.  Mmmmmm.  Hot waffles and whipped cream and maple syrup in the Observation Lounge on deck seven.

Following waffles we met the Expedition Team in the Observation Lounge for a recap of our voyage.  For a full hour they fielded questions about wildlife, history and geology.  It was a great opportunity to review the trip and get answers to those burning questions.

Late in the afternoon the fog lifted but a light rain continued to fall.

The last scheduled activity of the day was a film about one of the greatest Antarctic Adventurers of all time:  Ernest Shackleton!