Thursday 10 January 2013

Drake Passage

Two days ago we left Antarctica and started our long journey back to Ushuaia. Neptune is very kind to us. Yesterday was so calm that even Cape petrels, due to lack of wind, had hard time following the Fram. During the evening we entered a foggy area – indicating that we were close to Antarctic Convergence. We crossed that Antarctic biological border at 8 pm, keeping the course for Cape Horn.
Today, shortly before noon the wind picked up a bit but still, the Drake Passage looks more as a lake than as a most famous stormy stretch of sea on Earth. Many guests appreciated that weather conditions. They, without any difficulties, could attended our education program and learned more about Antarctica, living conditions on the Antarctic Research Stations and about Antarctic wildlife.
More wind means also more sea birds flying around the ship. We were followed by all sorts of albatrosses: black browed, grey headed, light sooty mantled and even wanderers were close by.
Late in the afternoon the Captain invited us to join him for a Farewell Cocktail, followed by an auction of the MV Fram master navigation chart and Hurtigruten company flag. All received moneys received were donated to Save the Albatrosses Charity and Bird Life International.
At 7 pm we approached the Cape Horn – the most southerly located island of South America.
In few hours we’ll enter the Beagle Channel heading west for Ushuaia. It is time to pack the luggage, and for one more time muse over the beauty of Antarctica and maybe think of coming back to MV Fram to see another beautiful corner of the Earth.