Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A first day at sea

When we woke up in the morning we were sailing already in the South Atlantic. In a distance of 12nm we passed Uruguay. Like a shadow at the horizon we had a last possibility to see land. Only some hours later there was no land to see anymore. Now our real crossing started.

At 11h the captain and his officers welcomed us in the bar on deck 7. It has been more a very informal talk as the officers changed their uniform against private clothes. And that will stay like this until we will reach Las Palmas.

Just after lunch we got our first possibility to visit the bridge. The Captain himself gave us an overview over his bridge equipment. During our crossing we will have more chances to come back. Than we will meet the Navigation Officer Clyde and we will give us more information about the ship. We are looking forward to these special lessons already.

The rest of the day we made ourselves familiar with the ship. And in the evening we enjoyed our first BBQ on the open deck. Today it was still a little bit fresh, but we can be sure that this will change during the next days.