Thursday, 7 March 2013

The winner is: The NATURE

It should have been a wonderful day with the Black- browed albatrosses and Rockhopper penguins, but the weather forced us into plan B and then to plan C and then we had to accept, that the nature is stronger than all our plans. The nature is always the winner, especially so far down in the South as we are.

The wind picked up already during the night and it was still blowing with a Beaufort 9 to 11 and it stayed like this during the whole day. Of course the Captain and our Expedition leader tried to find a landing place in more sheltered areas, but sometimes you have to accept, that there is no chance.

But we did not have the feeling that we lost a day. The wind, the clouds, the color of the sea and the waves changed very fast and we enjoyed this nature spectacle. As we had nearly only nice weather before we liked to see how fast the weather can change. Now we are able to tell our family and friends at home that we experienced a strong storm too, but of course we hope for better weather again tomorrow

During the day we had lectures, we watched the birds that loved the stormy weather and we were visited several times by smaller groups of dolphins. It was really not a boring day.

The day ended with a crew singing in the bar. It is always nice to see with how much enthusiasm the crew likes to entertain us. A big thank you to all of them.