Thursday, 28 March 2013

Start of a Season

Yesterday, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria was preparing for the Easter Festival. In the Cathedral of Santa Ana the procession platforms were being varnished. Boxes of cut flowers were stacked waiting for the nimble fingered florist, who had already started making beautiful displays.
Today, Fram arrived from its Atlantic crossing to the port of Santo Catalina. Activity was high around the ship, bunkering completed as well as provisions delivered.
For passengers - after checking-in comes settling-in. Finding their way around the decks, though some already know the ship well. It is wonderful for us to see again those familiar with Fram having enjoyed other voyages.  Mandatory safety briefing over, we headed to the ocean as the sun was setting. Captain's introduction made this is the start of a season visiting many ports in Europe. It is only 112 nautical miles to the first of those, the town of Arrecife on Lanzarote Island.