Friday, 1 March 2013

At sea

A day specially made to be relaxed!

During this cruise we will have several days “only” at sea. Perhaps some passengers believed in the beginning that these could be to many or perhaps boring days. But latest now we recognized – we need these days. We need them to calm down after all the new experiences we have made during our landings at the Antarctic Peninsula. Everything was new for us. After each landing we came back on board full of so many new experiences that we had the problem to hold them all in our mind.

So it was no wonder that we could see passengers sitting in the lounges, in the cafeteria and next to our “fireplace” in front of the reception, writing their diaries, sorting pictures on their computer, find out with the help of the lectures what kind of bird they got on their photo. We have also artists on board who are even painting in nice aquarelles their personal diary.

Of course we had lectures and we needed a little bit of time to clean our clothes again for our landings in South Georgia also. We do not want to bring any aliens to the so called “Perl of Antarctica”.

The day ended with a question round with our Captain Rune Andreassen and the Hotel manager Kjell Carlson. A big thank you to both of them that they took their time to answer all our questions. Now we are ready for our next destination – South Georgia here we come.