Monday 4 March 2013

En Route to the Falkland Islands

It’s pretty much as good as we could’ve hoped for. We have a calm crossing from South Georgia to the Falkland Islands. We have one more day at sea before getting to Port Stanley but the weather is likely to hold over the next couple of days. True, the skies are grey but who cares when the seas are calm?

Everyone is still on cloud nine after our two days in the paradise of South Georgia. It is not the first time when we see people overwhelmed by South. It really can be hard to absorb. It really is an in-your-face nature experience. We all need these two sea days to regroup for the Falkland Islands.

Today we had a plethora of activities to help ready people for the Falklands experience. We started with bridge tours in the morning and had lecture scheduled throughout the day. Our photographer Simon met with people at “the fireplace” at noon which was followed by a photo-identification session with the expedition team. The purpose of the session was for people to get “mystery wildlife photos” identified. Not sure what that bird, or seal, or whatever, is in your photos? Just ask the Expedition Team.

At 16:30 we all enjoyed a talk in the Observation Lounge by our special guest lecturer, Dr. Martin Collins the director of South Georgia Fisheries.

In the evening at 21:45 once again we rendezvoused in the Observation Lounge this time for a recap and question and answer period on South Georgia with the Expedition Team.

One more day to relax at sea and then it’s the magic of the Falkland Islands!