Sunday 27 October 2013

Can we see Brazil??

This is a question often asked, and indeed, looking at the map really makes you believe that we are just around the corner, halfway between Salvador and Recife.
But alas, this is an illusion; we are riding a southbound current, which speeds us up to a little over 13 knots but keeps us about 150-180 miles off shore. So, no Copacabana, no beaches to be seen, we really stay out in the open until we will reach the mouth of the Rio de la Plata, which separates Uruguay from Argentina.
So, apart from a morning lecture in the observation lounge (no slides, just tea and talk), there is not much to do during the day.
So let's use this opportunity to punch in a few images that were sacrificed for the sake of narration. Have the beautiful rainbow for example, shot by Manuel on one of the rainy days. On the same day he captured a magnificent sunset behind thick walls of clouds.
Or take the games in the Observation Lounge, enthusiastically arranged by MV FRAM's welfare committee. With such a small crowd it is a great pleasure to build mixed teams of guests and crew. It was hi-la-ri-ous.
And tonight is BINGO-night, and we really are looking forward to it. Games, Games, Games - one could think we are on holiday...