Tuesday 22 October 2013

Out in the Open

There is a difference in the movement of the ship, clearly to be felt after waking up: Instead of the short, rather erratic rolling there is a slow, gentle heaving, like riding on the back of a very large dinosaur.
This can mean only one thing: we have left the passage between the Cape Verde Islands and are now "really" on the high seas of the Atlantic. This is the swell coming from the other side, the old stuff, not trying to impress us with the short, adolescent waves but treats us to a mature, slightly sedate dance, which is really, really soothing.
Still, we have some activities going on. In the morning we join on the bridge, where Captain Rune gives an extensive introduction to the ship's instruments and specifications.
For those who need it deeper, our Navigation officer Clyde welcomes a little later for lesson #1 of his crash course on ship's systems and navigation.
Some brave guests even volunteered to help with the "dungeon task", heaving piles of boxes around, and so we got done with it in record time. Thank you!!!
After the tea hour in the Panorama-lounge the next specialist invites: Chef Jimmy starts his Galley Cooking Class, today with smoked salmon and cauliflower soup.
And of course the Games!
Lots and lots of giggles, cheers and laughter to be heard on deck 7 in the evening, as the disciplines tabletop soccer, darts, and table tennis were on the way, a little less noisy but very enthusiastic over the chess boards.
A great evening after a great day.