Wednesday 9 October 2013


Nantes is the 6th largest city in France and is «The European green capital 2013». Visiting Nantes, we can understand that this lively city was awarded by the European Commision for its efforts to reduce pollution, for its public transport system and for its many green spaces and efforts to protect the nature in the city. This picture shows a public apple tree - free for everyone in the city to eat as many apples they want.... 

The Great Elephant is not a part of the modern public transport system of the city. But the 12 m high mechanical animal can walk, and has a speed of 1 – 3 km/h. When the majestic animal goes out for its walk, the 50 passengers on board embark on an amazing journey on the Ile de Nantes.

Since we ported 4 km from the city centre and the Cathedral, there were shuttle buses reserved for Fram-passengers. These buses passed «The Great Elephant», and it was a possibility to get off the bus and meet the elephant.

Nearly half of our passengers attended to the excursion «Nantes, cruise on the River Erdre» in the morning. We enjoyed a panoramic city tour in Nantes before our cruise on the river. Watching all the birds, the boats, the houses and castles was nice and relaxing in the sunny weather.