Friday, 4 October 2013

Hamburg, at last!

At 11.15 a.m we finally reached Hamburg, the green city by the river Elbe. Hamburg is not only Germany's largest sea port, but also one af the largest harbours of the world, although it is almost 120 kilometres from the sea.

129 of our passengers left us here after a «mini-cruise» crossing the North sea. But there were also new passengers boarding MS Fram here in Hamburg. When we left the city at 15.00 p.m there were 178 passengers aboard the ship.
Our stay in Hamburg became a pretty short one. But the passengers who embarked MS Fram in Bergen could take a walk around for a couple of hours and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Some participated on our tour «Best of Hamburg».


One of the stops on the tour was the Town Hall:  A splendid sand stone building with 647 rooms ( we
dit not have time to see all of them..)


Another stop was St. Michaelis Kirche.


In the end it was time to board MS Fram again. We are now sailing towards Rouen, France.