Friday 18 October 2013

Significant Moments

Many people have that dream, to go across the Atlantic once in their life. The vast expanse of water, home to countless aquatic beings, known and hidden, location of the most daring endeavors in history, source of life, birthplace of storms and all kinds of weather, has fascinated mankind since the times when Earth was flat. It is the unknown, the myths and mysteries, the danger, the beauty - but most of all it is the shear size, the unimaginable amount of water that we find intriguing. 

So today is a remarkable day, nothing shall be left behind, nothing should be forgotten, because for 18 full days we will be out at sea, a microscopic dot on a large blue screen, until eventually on November the 3rd we will reach Buenos Aires on the other side. A lot is to be done: We have to take in fuel (fill up nicely, that is, as we have 4700 nautical miles to go), loads of vegetables, fruit and fresh stuff are stored in our giant coolers, pieces of equipment are delivered and last cosmetics on the hull are done - we want to be a pretty ship even if there is no stop.
And after the emergency exercise (with our expedition leader Karin ticking off people herself), the gangway is closed, the engines start to move (can't call it rumble, really, as they are so very silent). And after dark: The very moment - the lines are cast, and the first inches of space between FRAM and pier are visible. This is it. No return. Bye, bye Europe, next stop Buenos Aires! This is a significant moment, truly.