Thursday 7 August 2014

Would you wanna know...

What your Expedition Team is doing in the few hours that they have on Thursdays?Thursday is the day where we have to be quick in every respect - It’s changeover day for MS FRAM in Svalbard, starting with the farewell to the guests who have shared our adventures for one week. Then they are gone and we dig out the to-do-lists.
So many things, so little time…
But first things first: Training with the rifle is imperative in this line of work, so everybody has to go. Every week. Period.
But then again, rifle training is also fun.
Then there is the shopping, toothpaste, shaving foam, tea, coffee, maybe some crackers. Our hotel manager comes out of the shop with bags full of wool for the next knitting frenzy.
OK, our food on board is great, no doubt. But every once in a while you just crave for something different - a huge piece of crusty pizza for example.
At the same time it’s meeting friends. Feels a little odd, having to rush the conversation because we have to go back to the ship. But that’s thaw way things go in this business, it never sleeps, it never stops.
Just after lunchtime the luggage for the new guests arrives at the ship, has to be sorted labeled and brought to the cabins.
And not so long after the buses with the “future bluejackets” pull up on the pier.
After a few hours of civilization it is: Here we go again, ready for a new adventure!

And, friends of the Blog: We will be out of connection in a few hours, no chance to do anything about it.
See you on Monday night!