Thursday 19 November 2015


USH is how we refer to Ushuaia and Ushuaia is where Fram is today. This most southerly city in the world conjures up so many impressions, especially for your faithful blogger who has been coming here for 20 years. Ushuaia has has developed so much in those 20 years, most thanks to the Antarctic cruise industry which uses the port as a base of operations for the peninsula. Argentina also encourages nationals to move to the city with tax breaks and subsidies on commodities like fuel oil.

USH lies on the famous and beautiful Beagle Channel, named after HMS Beagle charted the area in the early 1800s. The channel is spectacular with snow-capped and tree-clad mountains on both the Chilean and Argentinean sides.

As we sailed out of USH east down the Beagle Channel, the light played with the surrounding landscape, providing a fitting farewell to Fram.