Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Eqip Sermia

On our way to beautiful Eqip Sermia Glaciar our morning was filled with fantastic scenic cruising and many informative and entertaining lectures.
We arrived at Eqip Sermia at 17:30 but before we went ashore the ship's crew ran a very important drill with the lifeboats. It was interesting to watch the crew run through their paces. It was obvious that they are a well rehearsed team.
At 6pm we loaded the Polar Cirkle boats and headed to shore. Many of us hiked up to a high vantage point where we not only had an excellent view of the glaciar but we could also see the icecap. Down below, Miki Jacobsen entertained us by singing and playing his guitar. Miki is one very talented guy. Not only is he a great musician but his beautiful art work graces many of the walls of the Fram and his bird calls will even fool the Snow Buntings.
By 21:00 hours we were all back on board the ship enjoying a delicious barbeque and an amazing view.