Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Eqip Sermia

Our day was filled with mor
e interesting lectures and presentations while we cruised by hundreds of icebergs on our way to Eqip Sermia. We arrived just before 17:00 but before we could begin our landing the ship's crew were once again put through their paces on another safety drill. This time the objective was to rescue someone from the frigid waters of Eqip Sermia utilizing our Polar Cirkle boats. It was very interesting to watch the AB's in their exposure suits jump into the water and then be very efficiently rescued by their team mates.

On shore we spread out to various scenic points where the Fram's Expedition staff were waiting. Some chose a challenging hike up the mountain. Others opted for a bit of solitude along a narrow spit of land that faces the glacier. It was a gorgeous evening. It really didn't matter where you went - the scenery was really beautiful. The hiking and the cool air were all it took to wet our appetites for the delicious barbeque back on the ship. After the barbeue, at 21:30, it was time for our chefs to demonstrate their artistic talents with food and ice sculpting.