Thursday, 6 August 2009


Warm sunny days + cold ocean temperatures = sea fog. This morning started as a nice sunny day with little wind. As we started the first of our seven bridge tours the wind began to pick up and the seas built. We noticed Fram rocking gently with the motion of the ocean.
At 9:00 the first of seven bridge tours started. It was a real treat to visit the bridge and meet Captain Arnvid Hansen and our Navigation officer Munish Jamwal. The Captain was an excellent host patiently answering all of our questions about the ship and posing with us for photographs.
By the end of the our bridge tours - late in the morning, we were cruising through moderately heavy sea fog.

But by 13:30 as we dropped anchor at Itilleq the fog parted and we headed to shore in our Polar Cirkle boats. The people of Itilleq are gracious hosts inviting us into their homes for coffee and cake.
Last week Team Fram defeated Team Itilleq in our friendly weekly soccer match. A rare occurence. This week they were ready for us.
Team Itilleq 7.
Team Fram 6.
As always, win or lose (mostly lose) it is great fun. Fun for those playing and fun for those cheering.