Monday, 31 August 2009


If there was one complaint today, it might have been that there was no snow at Santa Claus' hut on Uummannaq, name of the scenic island, the heart-shaped mountain, and the village at the same time. The hikers were rather sweating under the arctic sun but enjoying every moment of it. The visibility was outstanding, also for those who took the boat ride to the most unusual place along Greenlands west coast, the "Red Desert". The Uummannaq Fjord was jammed with gigantesque icebergs which gave a fantastic contrast against the ragged, dark gray and red mountains. Lunch was certainly an experience for the daring gourmets that tried the typical Greenlandic platter in town. After all these activities there was still time to stroll through the village, see the museum or just have a delicious soft ice on the quay.
In the evening there was movie time, of course about something useful, "Frozen Planet", a spectacular domumentary. And then there was a "late night show", having the Captain himself, the Chief Engineer and the Hotel Manager on the podium for anecdotes and questions.
Another long day in paradise!
Note: We are going far North now, so it may occur that we will have only scarce internet possibilities for a few days. Please be patient, folks, we will be back!