Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This morning we woke up to flat calm seas and grey skies. The tiny remote village of Siorapaluk, the world’s northernmost natural settlement, lay just before us tucked beneath a beautiful rosy coloured rocky mountain.
Shortly after 9:00 we were all on shore. There to greet us was a welcoming party of
children and some of the adults from the community. It was obvious that they knew the Fram and that we were welcome in the village.
The people of Siroapaluk love it when the Fram comes and very much look forward to visiting the ship. After everyone was on shore we took what seemed like the entire village of 80 people to visit the Fram.
Just before 14:00 several large bags of clothing including brand new jackets, overalls, boots and shoes were donated by the Fram and Hurtigruten to everyone in Siorapaluk. It was heart warming watching the people receive this generous gift.
At 14:30 we bid goodbye to Siorapaluk and set our direction west and then north to the ice. Throughout the afternoon we kept a constant watch for wildlife. At 17:30 the bridge spotted two Polar Bears on the ice. Captain Arnvid Hansen immediately slowed the ship and turned to the port to get closer to the bears. Chief Officer Espen took over the controls and skillfully brought us alongside the now swimming bears. It was a female and most likely a three year old cub.
What a fantastic sight that was. It was truly the wildlife moment that we had all been hoping for.

This evening we continue our journey ever further northward. We will all go to bed dreaming of what tomorrow might bring. Narwhals? A Bowhead whale? More bears?