Wednesday, 12 August 2009


It was a beautiful day to cruise south to Itilleq. Our morning was filled with lectures and bridge tours. Captain Arnvid Hansen was a very entertaining host. It was great to see the auto pilot system, radar screens, computers, communication station, fire station and all of the other sophisticated equipment on the bridge. It was fascinating to learn that the steering control for the Fram was not a great wheel like one might expect. No. To steer the Fram there is a tiny 10cm joy stick, just like the ones used in video games!
At 13:30 we arrived in Itilleq. We dispersed through town and went to our various rendezvous for a kaffemik. Each of us was given a colour coded ticket to join a local person in their home for coffee and cake. The coloured tickets ensured we went to the right house!
Coffee and cake. Caffeine and calories. Just what we needed for the soccer match that started at 15:00. It was an excellent game with the result being a tie.
Perhaps next week we should drink just a little more coffee.
By 17:00 we were all once again comfortably ensconced in the Fram.
Our evening was completed with a farewell dinner and a very warm speech from the Captain.
What a fantastic trip this has been!