Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Ilulissat is sometimes referred to as the capital of Northern Greenland.
Being well above the Arctic Circle, Ilulissat enjoys the midnight sun from May 21 until July 24 and during the winter the sun does not break the horizon between Dec. 1 and January 12. On January 13 many folks from Ilulissat go to Holms Bakke to see the first sunrise in six weeks.

Ilulissat is a UNESCO World Heritage Site (and deservedly so!) and we devote the entire day to our visit to this picturesque community.
Our day in Ilulissat was filled with sunshine. Everyone took full advantage of the glorious weather. Lots of people chose to combine the hike to Icefjord and all of the attendant beautiful icebergs with yet more icebergs via a boat excursion to Icefjord or a helicopter trip to the head of the fjord. After all of that there was still time to explore the town, visit the museum, pet a Greenland puppy or two, inspect fish drying in the wind, go shopping at Pissifik, sample beer brewed locally, or try a cappucino at one of the cafes.